Eight Hundred Thousand Light-years From Here
2009 -  Loop 9.36 min.

sample clip 2.25 min

Today, when we live under the thread of environmental changes which can lead to natural disasters, and the fear for terrorism and suicude bombers are spreading, many feel fear for what could happen. But many religions, and in particular Christianity, has lived for a long time in a strong conviction that the end of days is soon approaching.

The music of Eight Hundred Thousand Light-years From Here is Christian music from the 60's to present day, which in various ways mention this vision. Some songs refer to political events and the prophecies, others describe a longing for other worlds. The texts are also about not feeling at home on earth. For the Christians, life here is just a transit to heaven, which is described in utopian terms. They are misunderstood and have distanced themselves from the world, and they are longing for their true home. It is also striking that their approach to "the end" is embedded in longing and eager anticipation. "When the bombs will explode, we are on our way to heaven."