From Above
Ovan där
Book installation


Insallation view from Nacka Konsthall 2017  

Cold War in the 50´s is an interesting time, marked by optimism about technological progress, but also by the fear of the same. Test explosions of nuclear bombs in the Nevada desert and Bikini Atoll was in full swing and the memory of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were fresh. Meanwhile NASA started there research.
One can see that this ambivalence was the source of two different approaches. Either fascination with all the technology, and where that can bring humanity: into space. Or the fear of escalating disasters, and the apocalypse approaching: Judgment Day according to the Christians.
The books in the installation are from the time when people turned there gaze to the sky. If man can get out in space,  maybe other creatures will be able to go to Earth. And if doomsday is approaching, then Jesus would come soon and get the believers.
Common to the different approaches is the desire for scientific proof. The book "Facts about flying saucers and their drive motors" are based on technical explanations and Christian books are based on interpretations of the Bible. To present their interpretations as fact, becomes a way to try to get away from their common denominator - to believe.

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