Inner Surveillance
2015.  Slide Installation
See it as a film

Science fiction had it’s great break-through in the 50’s, and a common theme was paranoia. In the movies, the cold war threat of a russian invasion was transformed into a threat from outer space. Mixed stills from these movies are rotating in a slide projector, with a synced sound track. The audio comes from the movies. The conversion from movie to stills creates a new story. The selection is based on the fear that aliens, computers, machines or even planets might take control over our thoughts or infiltrate our consiousness.

Forbidden Planet
Fred M. Wilcox, USA (1956).

Invasion of The Body Snatchers
Don Seigel. USA (1956).

Invisible Boy
Herman Hoffman. USA (1957).

Andrej Tarkovskij. Sovjetunionen (1972).

ForbiddenPlanet InvisibleBoy
Still from Forbidden Planet Still from Invisible Boy