Revelation in Kristineberg
(Kristus i Kristineberg)
18:40  min

Virgin Mary Tensta

In the north of Sweden, close to Lycksele, lies the mining town Kristineberg . Something occurred there in 1946 which is still spoken of - in some circles. When the dust settles after a blast, a two-meter high Christ figure appeared in the rock. This revelation fascinated people from all over the world, who flocked to the mountain to see the picture. Eventually the Christ figure weathered and the cave where it was found filled with rock and cement.
Besides the coincidence that this happened in just Kristineberg – “Christ-in-rock”, the event was also associated to an ancient prophecy, suggesting that this was a sign of "The End of Times":
…”For God himself has cleared a dwelling for his only Son in one of the shimmering mountains of the North. The mountain and the country will long be overshadowed by the hand of the Lord. So far, no one knows where the mountain and the country lies, but it will be revealed in the end of times.”…

I went to the mine in Kristineberg, and the guide told us about the incident. I also interviewed a miner working in mine today, and filmed in the area where the event left it’s mark in various ways. The event is now partly forgotten, although in summer there are daily tours into the mine. But it is a story that I grew up with, since my parents went on wedding trip there.
  The incident, or at least the phenomenon of religious figures appearing, is howeer constantly up to date. In the suburb Tensta in Stockholm, formations of Virgin Mary where seen on several occasions in summer 2012, in a window of a Serbian Orthodox church. I went there to try to see it for myself. When I was filming, a man made me aware of a window. I filmed, hoping to see something, but shut down the camera after a while and asked if it really was that window he meant. The man looked at my camera and pointed enthusiastically on the preview screen - There, there she is.

What interests me is our desire and ability to create meaning and make connections. And the significance we lay in "revelations".
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