Storage of the Id

C-Print, 50x70 cm, Plexi mount

Storage of The Id
Cosmological Arrows, Bonniers konsthall 31/8-10/11 2019.

The title Storage of The Id is partly related to Freud's concept Id which stands for the unknowing. It is also a term used in the Science fiction movie "Forbidden planet" (1956) to describe how a machine produces even subconscious emotions and visualizes them in physical objects. The abbreviation ID also uses the Scientologists to describe the individual's capacity, to access his memory bank and thus move on a time track.

The photographs show three epoch's ways of storing information and the first image is metal boxes that store 35mm film rolls. The first 35mm films came at the end of the 19th century and enabled a revolutionary way of saving image and sound - collecting time.

The second image is the back of one of Sweden's first computers - BESK (Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator). For a few weeks in the early 50's, BESK was the fastest computer in the world. It was used, among other things, for calculating weather data for SMHI, but it was also used by the Swedish Defense Radio Agency (FRA) to crack encrypted radio messages.

MOBO is an abbreviation of the Mother Board (used in today's computers) and the image is from the inside measurement of a computer. The motherboard is the center of the computer as all devices are connected to it, thus enabling communication between them.

You can see how the view of human memory has been affected by the success of technology. Unlike psychoanalysis's exploration of the unconscious, the religious movement Scientologists believed that memory was somewhat accurate. Scientology is interesting from the perspective that they started in the 50's when technology advances spread a technology optimism, and you can see how this is reflected in their notions of human memory and self-perception. They compare human memory with a computer, where everything is stored. You can also see the movement's connection to how the film medium could store information. During the 1950s, color film became commonplace in Hollywood, and Scientology describes that what is stored in our memory is divided into 25 frames per second, in full color reproduction.