Visions in Norrland
Syner i Norrland


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During the winter of 33/34 a lot of people saw so-called ghost rockets in Sweden, mainly in the North. It was flying object that not looked or behaved like aircraft. The military declared it as Russian reconnaissance aircraft, but the UFO rumors took off. According to C.G Ljung it was those ghost rockets that started the UFO wave which then spread to America.
During the same time the faith community Korpelarörelsen started in the same area. They preached that Armageddon was near, but before that a flying silverark would bring them to Palestine.
The next wave of unexplained flying object came in 1946. This time, the military said that it was Russia test launches. The Cold War marked the country and the fear of Russian invassion was widespread. This was reflected in the pentecostal church - a pastor had a revelation that Russia would invade northern Sweden, and there would be war in 1953. The prophecy led to a massive praying movement, where they prayed that God would protect Sweden from the war.
Visions in Norrland study the connection between events in society and religious matters of faith. The various events in Sweden during the 30-50 century, are linked through the specific sites that are connected to the events.

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