The Chosen One

2005 - 5 min. MiniDv. Exhibition format DVD.
Actors:  Meira D. Ahmemulic, Altan Sinan Cebecigil, Olle Andersson, Tal Yerushalmi, Matilda Hagberg, Melea Britt Alexander, Lior Shvil.

sample clip 0.30 min

A group of people with different nationalities are sitting around a table and waiting. A person comes in and deals out straws. One takes the shortest straw and remains when the others are leaving the table and the room.
The title alludes to being chosen in a positive way, whereas the scenario consisting of a person who takes the shortest straw alludes to the negative side. Through the equivocal, I want to reflect around what it means to be chosen - to be either included in or separated from something.

I made The Chosen One during a workshop related to Istanbul Biennial 2005, and the film was shown in a screening in Antrepo No:5. Students from art Schools around the world where invited to work with that year’s theme. For me the situation of being chosen related to the situation of the artists in a big art event - they are chosen. But during the year 2005 it was also big discussion about whether Turkey should join EU - should they be included or separated?