The Supper
2006 - 15.30 min. DVcam. Exhibition format DVD.
Actors; Morgan Andersson, Johan Arn Lundberg, Casper Behrendt, Karin de Frumerie, Anna Engberg, Oscar Ericsson,  Anna Sanne Göransson, Anna-Carin Henricsson, Katarina Lundqvist, Petter Mollberg, Linda Sannum, Erik Sidung, Samuel Sjunnesson.

The film begins with close ups of faces, then an everyday situation comes clear - a group of people is sitting around a table and having a dinner. The staging, lighting and the empty black room puts the social interplay in focus. There’s insecurity about the social code. You can here people talking to each other, but the conversation makes up a buzz, which alters between laughter and silence. Subtle gestures, glances and commentary between the participants creates a funny atmosphere. After a while the mood becomes cheerful, just to return back to the paranoid scenario where you don’t know whom to trust.

The protagonist, or the one in the exposed or powerful position, is not always the same. First, one person stands out by being silent while the others talks, later someone else stands out by laughing too loud, then someone else by leaving etc.