The Archives
2007 - 3.20 min. 

sample clip 0.56 min

In The Archives you follow a searching through an analogue archives, where the references just leads on until you're back on the starting-point. There is a contrast between the amount of information and this searching which doesn't lead anywhere. In the end of the film, the archives comes alive and the drawers starts to move in and out, as if the archives deliberately withholds the information.

Key classifications in the film:

Lz        Green, Norman
            (Who lied hidden under a carpet  for eight years)
            See also Oebz  Disappearances, voluntary

Oebz    Disappearances, voluntary
             See also Oac  Solitude, self-chosen

Oac     Solitude, self-chosen
           See also Do  Hide oneself, at home

Do       Hide oneself, at home
           See also Oebz  Crime, run away from conviction

Oebz   Crime, run away from conviction
            See also Prosecution, expired

Oebz   Prosecution, expired
            See also Green, Norman

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