When God Warns

Artists book
SBN: 978-91-519-1278-3


The cites Boden, Haparanda, Stockholm and Gothenburg  has one thing in common – it exists prophesies about them, that predict war and destruction. In the artists book When God Warns these prophesies are gathering, together with outer visions about the North.Through an essayistic footnote system these are connected to parallel events in the society. Spy affairs, The Cold War, popular culture and religious movements is creating a context there these apparitions not seems that apart.

Many of the pictures in the book are from unspectacular places – a lake or a forest far from habitation. Clear-felled area and small sand roads get together with sublime views over mountain and sunbeam from God through dark skies. According to the prophesies it´s these places that will be invaded by foreign army or big paratroops. Huge flying objects will glide over the treetops or Christ apparitions will occur on the top of the mountain. The photographs are from places where nothing happened – yet.