You come up to me and say, "There´s a man here looking for you"
2003 - 13 min. Mini-Dv. Exhibition format DVD.
Actor: Kristina Jacobsson.

A woman moves around in an apartment and the viewer hears through voice-over how she describes a relation to a man – how it begins, develops and ends. The man phones her pushingly often and she answers, can't help answering. He frequently recurs to Christian dogmatic values, but through her telling and in the relation to their attempts to get to know each others, the film is also dealing with views on relations and loneliness. By putting the romantic relationship in relation to the self-effacing it implies to "live for God", it also becomes a comparision between Christain dogmatism and heteronormativity. And the link between is the feeling of being constantly observed - controlled either by God or gender roles..

Museo de historia natural, Mexico 2003