The Horizon of Events
2013. 9:33  min.
Sound made by Patrik Boman
The film
English text

The text in the video consists of quotations from a range of Christian books, both old and new, on the second coming. It is an investigation around the terminology and the visual scenes linked to the event. But the scenes portrayed in the literature also reminds us of science fiction movies where alien creatures are approaching.

  The title refers to the concept of Event Horizon, the boundary of a black hole where no light escapes. This is where time stops. Light and darkness are different sides of the same coin. Similarly, waiting for the second coming is ambigous. Those who think they are going to heaven are filled with eager anticipation. But those who doubt or disbelieve, feel constant anxiety of being wrong, and of the terrible consequences that would result.

The sound is composed by the musician Patrik Boman.